The Minerva Solution…

Submitted by Paul-

I have included some other information on nine clues today and will reference to some of that.  If anyone has questions please ask.  If I am not correct and the final solve I know a lot of this information will help someone.

I used three tools that Forrest told us to use.  TTOTC, google maps and/ or a good map.  I wish I had a better map though.

Sorry for this being long.  There is just so much information in his solve.  Complex, but simple at the end.

Things to note when reading the book is when Ravens, crows or birds are squaking or trying to tell you something.  Also possibly windows, they can fortell something.

I am going to bypass some of the reasons behind Minerva and Weaver girl and Cowherd boy that I posted on nine clues.  I would recommend looking up symbols for Minerva- such as owl, olive tree(peace), warrior, invented spinning, weaving, major color is emerald green, lapis luzli, sapphire, spiders, stag, dragon and emblem of medusa.  Forrest also references to her with the Ivory bird that he fancies, I found out after googling Forrest Fenn and Minerva.  It is on Dal’s site as well, also on the site is dragonflis and lightning which he refers to a couple days ago-more hints.

Good story as well, if you don’t know look up and read as well.  Takes you to milky way or silver cord cascade.  South rim of grand canyon of Yellowstone.  Also known as sliding falls, it is a horsetail waterfall.  Milky way means silver river.  Clear Lake and Lily pad pond is referenced in the story. Magpies are very important in the story. All on south rim.  Above the falls is ribbon lake.  Ribbon as weaving.  All is here.  The big pictures he leads you to from the TTOTC.

Another Story to read up on if you don’t know is Jason and the Argonauts.  Minerva built the Argo.  It is a quest to find the golden fleece.  but first they have to conquer obstacles with the last being the dragon.

Now I am growing tired and weak and have a lot of work to do so I am going to cut to the chase.  a lot of information left out, but trust me or ask and I can tell you.

The major Key Word is drawing.  As I mentioned in nine clues that is the trick he mentions in TTOC, blackboard.  Go back to the drawing board, go back to start.  Where is start?  That’s why he has Begin it, so we know where to go back to.  At the end of all our exploring we end up where we began and know the place for the first time.  That is why others walked by after knowing the first two clues.   That is why the specific starting point is sooooo important.  If you don’t know it stay home and play canasta!!
The blaze is by WWWH!!!!

Use the 1st three stanzas as one book and next three stanzas as another book.  The lower has the clues and plug them into the top three stanzas.  Not too far, but too far to walk= the answers I already know.

If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, past tense!

After you go back to start or drawing board you are up creek without a paddle there is nothing there but heavy loads and water high.  I found this out after following the book clues and it took me right down to silver cord fall following Minerva,
oh yeah another hint is the parking spot his Dad the principle parks in is in the front where he goes in.  Then states the kid always bugs him with olives that he doesn’t and makes fun of the parking spot sign.   That is a hint.  Minerva-olives-parking spot-right in front to go in.   Many of those in the book.  FOLLOW MINERVA——WISE!!!!!

So after you get to Silver cord falls you go up the creek right?  Like the poem says.  But the creek is surface creek.  Surface means up.  can’t go up the up.  After that is Ribbon lake, a glacier lake.  Heavy loads water high.  But if you go here and look around this beautiful lake the trickster has ya.  You are up creek without a paddle.  S^#t out of luck.

Instaed go back to start.  WWWH–SURF SPRINGS in Forest Springs.  remember Forest says the most important part he had in life was his name!  Forest Springs a desert like thermal area in Yellowstone that has one named feature and that is surf springs.  Isolated white mountain area above south rim of the grand canyon of Yellowstone.  Park and take a nice easy 3/4 to a mile walk to Forest springs, just south of artist point.  Thomas Moran!!  There you will find surf springs a mud pot.  Surf is WWH and in the bottom of the poem is your clue Seek.  Seek means to search such as many things including the web, surf , www.   Look up the definitions, all the same.

So after you walk to Surf Springs in Forest Springs you see that it is just like dragons mouth, logic as forest says lets you see it.  You take your journey return to surf springs and see it for the first time.  Dragon which protects the golden fleece.  Mudpot, look it up contains clay, one of the first building materials along with stone and wood.  It contains a lot of iron compounds and causes discoloration and staining.  Stain those pants after you go down the iron slide as Forrest referenced to in the book.  Now behind the mudpot is the wood.  Tree where you can find the golden fleece in the tree then look down to find the TC.  Could be hidden under a log there.  Also could be w weeping willow tree like in the weaver girl cowherd story which forest references to as well.  Either way it is behind as he watches the dragon in the inhabitable desert.

Oh yeah, hard to find any good maps, so close to the beaten path and easy walk, but just off and no real good maps.  As Forrest says.

Also on the chest Forrest has a Dragon and 4 Bricklayers.  Bricks where made out of clay-mudpots.  Look up mudpots, desert, uninhabitable where he wants to be forever in his name Forest Springs under a tree behind the dragon.

Also in the story the golden fleece is a fleece, could be wool on a tree, or covered in medusa moss.  Should not be hard to find once in the area.

Any questions let me know-lots of other information and book matches all.  Also thumb is an ovolo=convex molding=architecture=Minerva ,   follow MINERVA!!!   Means Minnie girl.

If you’ve been wise and found the blaze= Minerva and golden fleece,  ( 2 clues)

Tarry scant and marvel gaze= Mudpot , scant water and tarry look and Ferdinand Hayden expedition called mudpots ” the greatest marvel we have met with.” (1 clue)

Quest= Jason and the Argonauts ( 1 clue)

And leave my trove to seek=surf   (1 clue)

The answers I already know= not far, but too far to walk (1 clue)

If you are brave and in the wood=  Knight/warrior and Evergreen(Ever) (2 clues)

Take the chest and go in peace=olive tree-hint to Minerva as is wise owl. (hint)

So hear me all and listen good=  listen to the dragon hiss.  Like the jet engines and many other examples in the book (1 Clue)


Your effort will be worth the cold = Yellowstone  (hint)
PS: I have never been to Forest Springs and if someone does go and find or not find it I would like to know.  That is my overall reason for telling my solve.  So someone will check and let me know before winter hits and Yellowstone is essentially closed in two weeks.  Like Forrest said it will be a long winter for me not knowing.

Ivory is the Flesh of Minerva…

by forrest fenn

These vignettes from Forrest’s collection are only to share. To see 294 additional pieces  please visit



chinaThis 4 ½ – inch ivory bird was carved by a Chinaman during the Qing Qianlong Dynasty (1711 – 1799). I call her Minerva.



Her body can be wiggled off to reveal a lush basin filled with antique ivory beads. I cannot imagine what skills the carver used when making the two sides fit together so snugly.


The delicately carved feet on her gently feathered under-belly tell me the artist had a lot of class. I’m pretty sure that’s true.


I was once in a small shop in Hong Kong where similar objects were being made. The artist sat on the floor, a hunk of ivory wedged between his feet. A wooden mallet moved adroitly in his hand as a very precisely-formed object began to appear under his chisel. Little flakes of ivory flew all about, cluttering the area. My eyes couldn’t believe such talent.


For many years this little bird has had a peculiar effect on me. I acquired her from a vague acquaintance; a severely mature man whom I had met earlier in Dirty Sally’s Saloon in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. He asked for almost no money and when I told him it wasn’t enough his eyes turned to sugar. “Yes, but it’s special to me and I want it to have a good home.” He may have thought the discussion of money was an affront to his little feathered friend. Me too.

I started writing this story late last night but soon became word weary. So I slept and dreamed about writing the story, which prompted me to arise and finish it. It was all so weird. But it’s finished, and now my mind must consider in whose deserving possession Minerva should next reside. I would entertain your thoughts.

Thanks to calidreamer5 for researching Minerva.