A Subtle Hint?……

A Subtle Hint?

By Sacha J

As some of you know, Forrest held a book signing on Saturday, November 14th, at the site of his former residence, the Nedra Matteucci Galleries.  I am a New Mexico local, and have always wanted to see the galleries, so I took the excuse to go.  Something happened during my trip, which I have decided to share with all of you.


The building is quite prominent, and takes up an entire corner in Santa Fe.  The sculpture gardens are absolutely breathtaking.  According to Forrest, it is 2.5 acres, and that is a lot of space in the busiest part of Santa Fe.  There was art on every wall, including in the restrooms.  One restroom had enough old tools and horse bridles hanging from the ceiling and walls to fill a blacksmith’s shop.  Forrest told us that he collected each and every one of those items on his own, with the help of a metal detector.  He seemed very proud of that.

01 copy

While I was taking in all the art, I ran into a few other searchers.  I ran into Cynthia, Barb, and Crowfeast,  and a few others whose names I can’t remember.  Some of us got there early enough, and we were lucky to get a personal tour of some of the property from Forrest.

02 copy

He showed us trees that he had planted, which started out as small around as a marker, which now had trunks so large that Forrest could have hidden behind one and not been seen.

03 copy

He showed us what vigas are, and a beam with 17th century Spanish carvings still on it.  He showed us his old foundry, where he used to pour his bronzes.  It has been converted to fireplace, but you can still see the vent that Forrest used.

Forrest continued the tour indoors, where he showed us where the original building ended.  It is now very much an indoor space, but the original wooden doors that led outside are still there.  Forrest wanted to show us all his work on the doors.  He led us into the building, and then slammed the large wooden doors closed, making people on the other side a bit nervous.  Then, he lifts a large piece of wood and slams it into the iron holders, almost knocking a painting off the wall in the process.  Everyone stood in awe at Forrest, as he told us how he added the little iron details so that no one could saw through the wooden beam.  He then lifted the beam away, and accidentally knocked a pad lock onto the floor.  “I am gonna bring the place down if I am not careful,” he says.  Forrest replaced the giant wooden slat where he found it, and opened the large doors.  The look of relief from the gallery employees and the people on the other side of the door was priceless.

It was quite an entertaining time, but I have saved the most important part for last.  It is what I think may be one of Forrest’s subtle hints.  While Forrest was showing us the old foundry, I noticed a John Moyers painting in the corner.


However, it is different than the one in Forrest’s recent scrapbook post.  The one in the foundry is of a Native American standing, holding a blanket.  However, the person in this painting is facing a different direction and is wearing a different blanket than the one in the image Forrest used.  Cynthia, Barb, and I are standing there, when suddenly, Forrest points to that very Moyers painting and says “There it is.  That is the one from my scrapbook.”  Cynthia, Barb, and I immediately recognize that it is not the same painting, and have a brief discussion about it. I laugh and tell them that Forrest is pulling their legs, and he is enjoying seeing us all in a tissy over it.  But, as I came home and thought about it more, I think it was Forrest dropping a subtle hint.  And, in the spirit of the impending holidays, I decided to share it all with you.

You can see the Moyers painting for yourself in person, at the Nedra Mattucci Gallery in Santa Fe.  You can also visit the following website to see many of Moyers’ works: http://www.matteucci.com/contemporary-artists/john-moyers/

Someone suggested that Forrest may have forgotten which painting he used in the scrapbook, but I don’t believe that for a minute.  Forrest has not proven to be forgetful.  But, I can’t say I know what the subtle hint is, if one does indeed exist.  I suppose that is up to each of you to decide.

Sasha J