The Mysterious Mr. Fenn…

A strange story coming out of Santa Fe claims that Forrest this week has taken steps to make certain  the treasure becomes “unavailable” should anything happen to him. By “anything” I am certain the rumor means any “harm” to Forrest. But how can the treasure become “unavailable”? What can be done that could make the treasure disappear?

One of the media’s proverbial quotes from Forrest about the treasure is “I’ve thought of everything”, when talking about hiding the chest. Does this mean the treasure, although available now, could be sealed up like King Tut in a heartbeat if things go haywire? I certainly wouldn’t put it past Forrest. He is a clever fellow. A man knowledgeable in all manner of outdoor skills. A man who has intimate knowledge of the prehistoric and historic methods employed to protect valuables.  Mr. Fenn is wealthy enough to put any sort of system in place to remove the possibility of the chest from ever being found. Still, I’d hate for the treasure to become an enigma like the Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona or the Oak Island Money Pit in Nova Scotia just because some thieving coward decided to take a shortcut to it’s hiding place.

By itself, this news is curious enough but there is more:

Newsweek with the story about Forrest and the treasure. Week of August 20,2012.

If you have not read the story by Tony Dokoupil in Newsweek Magazine you can find it here:

and the video with Mr. Dokoupil’s interpretation of the clues in the poem here: (he claims he knows exactly where it’s at…ha!)

So, with the Newsweek story it looks like Forrest has gotten international press about the treasure. Fair enough. But today I heard that he flat turned down additional interested national and foreign media including CNN, The Today Show, TV in Australia and Great Britain and Inside Entertainment. He’s even said “No” to local press. He simply said “No thanks”. He didn’t say “I’ll think about it”, or “I’ll get back to you tomorrow.” just “No.”

I’m scratching my head trying to understand why? I mean this is great for you and me if tens of thousands of additional searchers do not join us. Maybe that’s what he has in mind…protecting the core.

Rumors are spreading that much of what is in the Newsweek story are misquotes and untruths. That Forest wrote a note to the editor at Newsweek pointing them out. If so it will be interesting to see if the story is updated. I know several of the quotes were completely different than I’ve heard Forrest say before.

And then there are changes at Forrest’s Santa Fe home. It appears that Forrest is adding to the already tight security around his modest home after Newsweek inaccurately reported that his “mansion” and collections are unprotected. His home is a one bedroom affair. Hardly a “mansion”. He does have a large lot. Perhaps an acre…maybe more but it certainly is not an estate.

Mr. Dokoupil apparently missed the eight foot wall around the Fenn home, the security cameras watching the yard and motion detectors in the house. The entire property is lit at night. These items have been a part of Forrest’s security system for years but now there is new activity around the  house. Possibly in response to the inappropriate reporting by Mr. Dokoupil. But others say that the mysterious Mr. Fenn has something else in mind. What could he be creating?

Forrest’s home is a spacious one bedroom affair. He already has enough security devices around to make it tight as an armadillo. But now a new guest house and a parking strip have appeared behind the eight foot wall. What could he be planning?

I have also heard from more than one source that the Fenn’s have added at least one police trained German Shepard to their yard.

Well, if anyone knows how to protect valuable art its Forrest and Peggy. Their Fenn Gallery had millions of dollars in paintings and sculptures until 1987 when they sold it. Forrest had two carnivorous alligators that hung out in a small pond and roamed the fenced-in gallery property at will.

His yard has a pond as well and when I asked if it was stocked with his favorite game fish, trout, Forrest told me that the water was too warm. Certainly Forrest could keep the pond at a temperature suitable for trout if he wanted. But if he doesn’t, what kind of pet would enjoy warm pond water? Walk carefully!

But probably the most interesting rumor of all tells of a recent visit to the Fenn home by a former Secretary of Defense. The rumor goes on to say that the visit was only partially social.

Are we to soon see drones in the air over the Fenn household? Maybe 24hr satellite coverage? It pays to have friends in high places when it comes to defense and security.

My advice…knock before entering!