Scrapbook One Hundred Fifteen…



Proper Dental Care



It’s not as important as it used to be. Having so many toothbrushes, I mean. That’s because I don’t have all the teeth that once decorated my mouth. When I smile, or even laugh, my mouth stays closed, unlike some people who show all of their uppers and lowers when they grin. I think they have an advantage over me because they appear friendlier.


I had a friend in high school whose laugh made her look like a snarling Pomeranian. It bothered me just a little and that’s why I always talked to her on the phone rather than in person. Her name was Sonja Jane Pulver and you could sure pick that girl out of a line-up.

I brush my teeth four times a day, but more often if I snack between meals, which is all the time. Taking turns with the brushes is a major problem because I forget which one I used last. After cleaning my teeth I dry the brush with my face towel and try to place it in my frog jar so as to keep it in chronological order with the others. That wasn’t stated just right, but hopefully you’ll know what I mean.

Once a year I gather all of my toothbrushes and clean them in our dish washer. That’s always when I’m home alone, of course. Then I can start the rotation over again. I think it’s important to have a system. f


Scrapbook One Hundred Eight…





JB is a good friend although we’ve never met. He researched my family like he worked for the KGB, and mailed me all sorts of things, like my father’s college annual from TCU. I guess he reads Dal’s blog or he would not have sent me this email. F

Hey Forrest,

Just checked it to see what you are up to.  I’m going to send you a little care package to cheer you up:-)

I grew up in a house where I had to dig through a double-wide drawer of literally hundreds of mismatched forks, spoons and knives to find one that not only suited my fancy,  but was actually clean (often had to clean it to use it).  When I moved out on my own, I started stacking my forks neatly in a plastic drawer organizer that a poor college student could afford.  It helped that I could only afford an ultra-cheap, sheet-metal, press-cut, four piece “silverware” set (less to organize).  Of course I had to get roommates to keep rental costs low and that is where I had to learn tolerance.  There isn’t a male college student on this planet that would ever stack their forks or untangle a telephone cord, or clean the toilet for that matter.  I finally found a roommate that generally didn’t make a mess and put his dishes in the old portable dishwasher I acquired, so we didn’t have to fight over dishes….but he just wouldn’t stack the forks!  I realized then that there are some things we each do that you cannot impose on others.  It was a valuable lesson and important to my happy marriage.   My wife and children are never going separate and stack the forks according to size.  That is my “cross to bear”.

All my best,

Scrapbook One Hundred Seven…




People Just Don’t Understand


Don’t you just hate that? Look at it! With copious people wandering by that spot you’d think someone would pause for two seconds and untangle the poor phone cord? Why would anyone stand there talking and twisting the thing in the first place? It’s so jumbled the sound probably gets distorted going through it.

And that’s not all, there’s always a write way to do something and a wrong one. Maybe I’m just too meticulous, but for me it’s important to keep my priorities straight.



Please don’t tell me that I’m the only Homo Sapien on the entire planet who cares about these things?


It’s been a bad day, I mean besides my hair. It’s the last date to get my driver’s license renewed or take both the stupid written test, and the driver’s exam. Just because I’m over eighty I have do it every year.

In my rush to get over to the MVD I ran out of gas. It was right in the middle of the busiest street in town, and because I forgot to plug my idiot phone in I had to just sit there until the honks brought every cop in town to my “location.” Big deal, you’d thought I robbed a bank or something.

A cab brought me home and I’m resting comfortably by Tesuque and my warm little fire, but I guess they towed my car to the Walmart parking lot. That’s ok because I don’t ever plan to drive again. I’ll just stay home and keep my eye on the telephone lines.