Happy Birthday Ozzie…


June 12th, 2014
by clinger


Guess what day it is? Guessss what day it is? Everyone, everyone, everyone, guess what day it is? No, this isn’t a Geico commercial and it isn’t hump day. It’s actually a Thursday. More specifically, it’s June 12, 2014 & it’s someone’s birthday.


Of course every day is someone’s birthday, but in this case it’s someone’s 200th birthday & it’s someone close to the chase. Yes, 200 years ago today, George & Eleanor Russell of Bowdoinham, Maine welcomed into the world a bouncing baby trapper, Osborne.

Many of you of course will recognize the name as Forrest has mentioned his “Journal of a Trapper” more than once. If you haven’t picked up a copy, do so. It remains to be seen if there are any tangible clues in the book, but it’s greatly entertaining on it’s own, and one easily finds themselves transported back to 1840 & immersed in the mountains while following Osborne on his journeys. I can understand why Forrest touts this as one of his favorite books. Blazes and warm waters abound inside it’s covers, and there is a sprinkling of canyons and possibly a Brown or two to be discovered. I have a 1965 edition that I picked up on Ebay for I think $4 back early on in the chase. They may be up to a whopping $6 now with the high demand created by the chase. 🙂


You can find copies for sale on ebay here-

or you can read it on-line for free, here-