A Colorado Theory…

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September 2019

By Richard McKeever


First let me introduce myself. I am a searcher of 7 years. I am also 62 years old with a lung condition, who has searched in all 4 states. I have found all kinds of treasures from antiques, to silver dollars, to a 4 pound silver surveyor’s ingot.

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Back in July of 2019 while rereading TTOTC I was surprised by a passage I had taken as superficial before. In the chapter “Gold And More” on page 130, I found it curious that Forrest went into great detail about Siler Bracelet. He skimmed most the other items, yet he went so far as to describe not only that he won it playing pool, but who he won it from.

He talks about winning it from Byron Harvey, who was also a collector of native American artifacts, Byron had a collection of over 900 Kachina Dolls, and was a well known scholar and gentleman. As such I can only believe the pool he played Forrest was Snooker a gentleman’s game.

Fenn Bracelet in Treasure Chest

When Forrest described the bracelet as having 22 beads, it struck me that there were 22 balls used to play Snooker. 15 Red balls, 6 numbered balls, and the Que ball. When setting up the table for the initial break there is a place on the table for the brown number 4 ball called ” The Point of Brown.” So I correlated the Home of Brown as the pool table with the Point of Brown on it.


I took these measurements and transferred them to a map of each state and nothing popped. I got to thinking and decided to see if I used only the treasure portion of the maps. Colorado was the only state that would fit as a pool table set up.

So I drew a straight line from Raton Pass north to a point on the Wyoming boarder almost where I-25 crossed. From there    I went to the SW corner of the Colorado, New Mexico boarder, from there I went east to about the halfway mark, and the north about a quarter way up where the Point of brown was located on a pool table. It popped! That point turned out to be Pool Table Mountain.

I knew just to the west of there was Wagon Wheel Gap Hot Springs, and jest east of the spring was the 4 UR Ranch where the WWWH’s at the resort’s spa. From there you can go down the canyon to the base of Pool Table Mountain, following in this vein, I continued going down the canyon to a put in that was not on the Rio Grand River. I found that spot as where you put in on US Hwy 160 at South Fork CO. If you turn right you will be heading up Wolf Creek Pass, and towards the Continental Divide, NPFTM. At the divide you are 10865 feet, to high so you keep traveling west to Wolf Creek Road at 10180 feet. Your at the top of Wolf Creek here, NPUYC because you are already at the top, and a waterfall’s. I was unable to search here as my lung condition warranted me to lower elevation. As you turn onto the FS road there is also an overlook, TSWMG.  As I was unable to search for the blaze, I am certain in my honest opinion that this place warrants an investigation. I am also struck by Forrest’s words,” you end up where you began.” translate to read Hint of Rich’s New and Old. This because you are near the top of Treasure Mountain.

-Richard McKeever