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A Treasure More Than Gold – Ritt Jordan

This book is about my involvement in the Thrill of the Chase treasure hunt. It is only one possible solution to Forrest Fenn’s poem, but I believe it is one of the most understandable and complete solves to this great puzzle.


I define a “straight forward” solve in detail. The found clues are contiguous and will lead you from where warm waters halt to the final clue that leads to the possible location of the treasure chest. I tell of the many highs and lows during my numerous trips to the area of where the poem leads.

It offers a comprehensive new look into the thrill of the chase, the treasure hunt, and the puzzle. I tell all, the word that is “Key”, the “Keyword”, and I explain how I found them. There are various pictures that take you directly to this secret site.

I know many of you have your own stories of your searches and have posted them here on Dal’s blog. I have read all of them and found them to be very interesting and entertaining. I would have posted mine here also, but thought it would be too large to keep someone’s attention for such a long time. Also, I wanted to attract new searchers into the chase.

Here is what a couple of editorial reviewers have to say about my book:

“A Treasure More Than Gold by Ritt Jordan is an account of how the author was enticed into the “thrill of the chase,” somewhere in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, NM. An ancient cast bronze, and a hidden treasure chest. To find it, one must first read the poem by Forrest Fenn containing nine clues that will lead to its location. Being bitten by the bug to hunt for this treasure prompted Mr. Jordan to use all available resources to him.
Using the satellite option of Google Maps, interviews, etc., he begins deciphering the poem. Ritt had to get to know how this man, ailing with cancer, lived in order to fully understand the clues. Why? Because Forrest hid the chest in a place very personal to him.

Ritt Jordan was able to get help from a few of his family members with his numerous trips to the mountains. He was not about to leave any stone unturned to solve the clues in the poem. Aerial satellite photos and pictures from his camera fill some of the pages so that the reader can relate to how he interpreted the clues. The author relates his story with a detailed account of his findings and frustrations, as well as the experiences and precious memories he got to share with his loved ones. What started out as searching for the end of a rainbow turned into something much more valuable than the actual treasure. To Ritt Jordan, the thrill of this chase was “A Treasure More Than Gold.”
 -Stephen Fisher for Readers’ Favorite

“A Treasure More Than Gold is itself a treasure indeed. I had a marvelous time reading this book and found myself looking up one thing after another on Google. I had not been familiar with Forrest Fenn and his hidden treasure before I read this.

I enjoyed seeing how you worked at deciphering his clues. I was awestruck by the beauty of the area as seen in your photographs.
Yes, I agree. The value of this search is more than that of the treasure itself. The adventure itself seems so grand.” –
 -Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Of course there are many treasures to be found in this chase the chest is only one of them, but it is the one that everyone is after. So I challenge you to come up with a more viable solution to the poem.

I am not saying that I have found the treasure. What I am saying is that I am content. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this is the correct solution to where the treasure is hidden.

Good luck to everyone,
Ritt Jordan

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