Point of Rocks…



Howdy folks!
No, i aint found Fenn’s treasure yet. but heres some things i did find when the wife and i took a trip to see her sister in Rock Springs. Now i aint much for sittin around jawin about nothin. so i made tracks over to Green River at the Sweetwater County Museum. its a small place but they got lots of good stuff. the old pistols and rifles caught my attention. i collect guns myself. i got a five-shot Iver. heres a photo of an old bamboo fly rod at the museum. i like to fish.

well, i read about “point of rocks” at the museum. an old stage coach stop on the Oregon trail. about 40 mile east of Green River. Point of Rocks is an interesting place so i thought about it for a minuite…should i call the wife and tell her where im goin? or just go. i decided to just go because her and sister is still cluckin like hens and neither one has laid an egg yet.probably talkin about me anyway. so i fill up the truck with gas and still got beer in the cooler…(please dont drink and drive, wait til you get there)
wow, relly get the feel of the old west here. one building has been restored,the other is falling down
i read the information provided by the state of wyoming and decide to poke around the rocks on the hill behind.
hoping to find an old shell casing or coin. i startled a jackrabbit out from under a sage bush.he hops toward a rock wall. “you cant get out that way mr rabbit! what if i had a gun and was hungry?’  he hopps the other way to safety. for some reason, i dont know why, i turned my attention back to the rock wall. about waist high, there is a hole.
in this hole is a stick with a rock on top of it. “now how did that stick get there” i thought out loud. maybe the rabbit wanted to know too. somethin aint right about this picture. so i moved the rock and stick and found a geocache.i didnt know anything about geocaches at the time. later , back in Cody i looked it up on the internet and learned. so if you are travelin I-80 go to point of rocks and find that geocache. you will see my real name in the logbook on april 28th 2015. hunch is my nickname. wife gave it to me on our wedding night. said i didnt have a clue but was a pretty good hunch. ha-ha
 back to searchin….i thought “what if an outlaw hid a six-gun or his loot here?’ the rabbit agreed and off we goes, up the hill. after pokin around a while i decide to go back down the hill. but i never go back down same way i went up. good thing too because i found a cave man hand print in stone.yup, its true. it was mud when the cave man fell down but turned to stone over the years. and this guy was unique too because was missing two fingers. index and pinky.yup, only had three. probably got bit off by a t-rex. hope you all like my story. I’m Hunch.see ya.