Santa Fe Conference…


August 2014


How about a Thrill of the Chase conference in Santa Fe in October this year?











I am looking at the possibility of holding a two day conference at one of the hotels in Santa Fe. We would try to get Forrest to be the keynote speaker and take some questions and hang around.

I am looking for a way that we can discuss the poem and our various approaches to solving it in a more convivial, less restrictive format.

The plan would be to meet and talk about the techniques we use to figure out the clues and look for the treasure. We might be able to get folks that practice certain deciphering techniques to explain how they work and what they found. No final solutions. No one is going to tell us their whole solution…but give us a better idea about how and why they use the technique they do use…and we can get answers to questions immediately..I think this kind of opportunity to ask questions and get feedback is something better than what we can get on the blog.

I’ll see if Forrest will commit to meeting with us. It would be a great opportunity for those who have not met him. Get your postcard from The Dude Motel autographed…

Maybe some of you would be willing to give a half hour talk or presentation on some aspect of the hunt…

I am certainly willing to talk about my “the poem is a map” approach and maybe even reveal my WWWH. Germanguy could come and tell me how ludicrous my ideas are….lol…Others..with different approaches might do the same..

I think this type of event would lead to a more open exchange of information and ideas.

It would be great to put faces with names and just have an opportunity to meet in groups and talk…

We could probably get some discounted room rates…if there are enough attendees.

Other ideas for workshops or presentations?
Could you attend?
Could you be a presenter?
Need 100 folks to make it economically feasible.
I have no idea yet about cost.
I know that will make a difference to many..including me..
But I’ll figure all that out..if there is interest..

Need to move quickly if we decide to go for it..

What do you think?