No Child Left Inside

The press release below came today from the office of the Governor of Washington State. It looks like he picked up on Forrest’s belief that it’s a good idea to get kids outside…

Maybe he should consider taking some of that grant money and hiding a couple thousand in each State Park and publishing poems with hints to where it’s hidden  🙂




April 22, 2016

Contact:  Governor Inslee’s Communications Office

ADVISORY: Inslee to announce statewide No Child Left Inside Grants


Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday will announce nearly $1 million in new grants that will help young people get outside and connect with nature and their communities. Inslee will be joined for the announcement by children and educators.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission will award the grants for programs in 15 counties. This is the first-of-its kind grant program in Washington. No Child Left Inside is the result of legislation passed last year and the grant funding was a recommendation of the governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Parks and Outdoor Recreation and the Governor’s Council for the Healthiest Next Generation.

The grants will help more children gain exposure to outdoor activities and supports the governor’s Healthiest Next Generation efforts to help kids be more active.

Monday’s announcement will be held in partnership with Wild Whatcom, an organization that connects kids to nature in lasting and meaningful ways.

When:  Monday, April 25 at 4:10 PM

Where: Northern Heights Elementary School (4000 Magrath Road, Bellingham)

*NOTE: TV and photographers – visuals will include footage of the governor engaging with students outdoors where the school property includes woodlands.

What the Brits Think


“A few seconds ago I tore my trousers trying to climb what could only generously be described as a fairly medium-sized boulder. Shortly before that I’d watched with pathetic abandon as my sunglasses were swept over the edge of a waterfall. I’m now looking at my feet, where a couple of inches from my hiking boots lies what used to be a snake. I can tell that’s what it was because its head is still attached to what might otherwise be mistaken for a rogue spinal cord. I’m beginning to question whether I’m entirely cut out for adventure. Just a week earlier, I was in an office writing about enterprise IT. Now I’m almost 5,000 miles away wondering what kind of animal could strip the flesh from a snake.”

This is the introduction to John Kerrison’s lively story about looking for Forrest’s chest and little green men while on a trip to the USA a few months back.

According to his bio, “John Kerrison is a writer based in Cornwall England. His words have appeared in a range of publications including The Guardian, Sabotage Times, and The Fly — and will continue to do so until he finally finds that treasure.”

Mr. Kerrison is witty and provocative and entirely correct in his assessment of the chase. If you don’t believe I could possibly be correct this time either, then I suggest you read his articles for yourself..

They are linked below, unless aliens have removed them-

Open Road
Adventure Seekers


A New Map…

Please Note that these maps have sold out and are no longer available.


Cynthia and I have been working on a secret project for Fennboree III, and we can finally tell everyone what we have been up to.

I am happy to announce a special new treasure map is now available, made just in time for Fennboree.  This map is similar to the one in Too Far To Walk, but has had some significant changes made to it.


Forrest, in collaboration with Benchmark Maps (, has redesigned his treasure map, and we are releasing a limited edition of 30″x24” poster of the new map, signed and numbered by FF himself.

These maps were printed in Albuquerque, by a great lady named Tami, at A Good Sign (  We talked to several local companies, and while they each told us they couldn’t print something this nice and big, they all told me that Tami could.  If you need something large printed in Albuquerque, she is the lady to see.

Tami has a print shop, on the corner of 2nd and Lead, in downtown Albuquerque, which happens to be located just across the street from a castle (which you might notice is in the picture behind Tami).  I didn’t even know there was a castle in Albuquerque, but it was explained to me that it used to belong to the local jewelry maven, Gertrude Zackary.  It was only built about 10 years ago (which explains why I didn’t know about it). Sadly, Gertrude passed away shortly after the castle was built, and it was never really lived in that long.  Her children now own the property, and they rent it to movie studios for filming.  I hope to someday get an up close view of the gargoyles guarding the rooftops of that place.


Tami is printing the first batch of these as we speak, and will have the first batch ready by Monday.  We hope to have them signed by Forrest within a few days, and the first ones will ship out by the end of next week.  The map on the table in front of her was the test one she printed for me, and looks way better than the picture on the website.

You can order yours now, only at:

The cost is $100 each..
They are stunning.

This map will only be available in poster form, at least until later this year, so if you are waiting for the mouse pad version, you might have quite a long wait.  Also, don’t forget they are a Limited Edition, so once they are gone – they are gone.