Scrapbook Two Hundred Fifty Two…

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April 9, 2020

Hello everyone,
The world we used to know is coming back, and hopefully it will happen soon. My trees already think it’s summer and I’ll not be the one to tell them different.

A friend just sent me the attachment and it surely must be one of the best videos I have ever seen.

Try not to be down because of what is happening around the world. Let’s all send an email to an acquaintance and ask how they are doing. Say you are thinking about them and just wanted to say hello. I really like that idea. This post is my email to you.

Hello everyone. f









Scrapbook Two Hundred Fifty One…


March 27, 2020


Because of the virus, it is time to rethink the search. In these dire times every logic and street sense says stay at home. Mayors and governors have mandated it, and so has the president. Much of the search areas in all 4 states, are closed. Because so many searchers are out of jobs they want to head out in their car and look for the treasure. I am getting many emails each day that tell me that. Please don’t do it. Hopefully by summer things will be different. Let’s stay at home and wait it out. it is really easy to be sorry, and it lasts a long time. f