Snakes Galore…



I’ve searched around thirty times I’ve run into all sorts of animals in Montana. But this time was  where I became a little meek ok a lot meek . I start my day by eating at the campfire lodge with my sister.  We always sit at the table by the wall so we can see the osprey dive for the fish    Showing the fly fisherman how it’s done .

After breakfast we head to the mountains. My sister made a pole with rebar on the end to poke in the ground and the cracks in rocks.

We looked in every pokey juniper bush and around every sappy pine full of pollen and shuffled thru every sage bush scaring all the birds. One bird looked at me and raised his feathers at me like you can’t see me now haha.  By the third day we started searching the rocks.

This is why I think Forrest said it will take an Indiana Jones type. Snakes were everywhere. Not just one but everywhere we searched around rocks they were glaring at us like come on its no place for the meek. The more my sister poked around the more they slithered toward me. We were on a rock cliff over looking the water.  We are climbing in the hole mechetti and pokey pole in hand.
“Hand me a flashlight.” Melani says, “I found something.”
I said “What?”
She pulls out a white urn…

photo 1

Yep we found Doc. I think he beat Forrest to his special place. Then we tried to put doc back after we apologize to him and explain why we’re in his hidey hole. Right as we try to stash him back in there out slithers a snake then another snake and another snake. Holy mackerel we stirred up a snake nest. Mel says “Run Marti!”
I can’t, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place holding doc in my hand.

photo 3

photo 2


All of a sudden I felt all my strength leave me. Poor ole doc rolled down the hill as I layed him down because I had to grab onto sage brush to get back up on the hill. Melani grabbed Doc in one hand and the mâchétti in the other. She is definitely more flexible than me.



The snakes were glareing at us to give Doc back so when we got to the top of the hill we had to roll doc slowly down to a crevice close to where he used to rest. I like to think we saved him from snakes and now he is in a better place 🙂 . We felt like heroes. The rest of the day we encountered more snakes.

photo 4

I don’t think I like looking in June.  Snakes were sunbathing on every rock and under rotted tree stumps.

The moral of my story is animals rule the state of Montana. Searchers beware! Definitely no place for the meek or weak.