Good Quality Scanned Images of Forrest’s Book Covers…



Folks have asked me if I would provide high quality scans, suitable for close examination, of the book covers of Forrest’s three memoirs. The scans provided are from my own first edition volumes. Here they are:

Once they load up you can save them to your computer.

The Thrill of the Chase

Too Far To Walk

Once Upon a While

Once Upon a While-Back Cover

Too Far To Walk-Back Cover

The Thrill of the Chase-Back Cover




Fennboree 2019 T-Shirt Design Contest…


Fennboree 2019 T-Shirt Design Contest
by Sacha

Fennboree is just a few short months away, so it is time for the contests to begin!

This year, Illinios Ghost and Fenn Treasure Hunters are hosting the contest to design the official T-shirt of Fennboree 2019.

The winner of this year’s contest will receive a WSOF Poker Chip and Brochure, and a T-shirt with their winning design on the back, and a name of his or her choice on the front.

To enter is easy – just submit your design to before February 21, 2019.  He will collect all the submissions until the cutoff date.  Then, Voting will take place here, on Dal’s site.  Everyone will have a chance to vote on the winning design until Midnight on March 1st.  The winner will be announced on Saturday, March 2nd.

Illinois Ghost made a short video of the rules and how to enter.  You can watch it HERE


*Contest is open to anyone, regardless of age or location.  You do not need to attend Fennboree to enter.

*Entries must be emailed to by the deadline to be considered.

*Entries may not include any vulgar or graphic images.  Illinois Ghost and Fenn Treasure Hunters reserve the right to disqualify any submission deemed inappropriate or disrespectful.

*Each person may enter the contest no more than twice.  Entries will be accepted, and can be changed, until the February 21st deadline.

*Winner will choose a color and size of shirt from available selections on Fenn Treasure Hunter’s Shopify store.  Shirt will be ordered by FTH and shipped directly to winner.  Chip and Brochure will be shipped separately.

*All entrants agree to have their submission posted on various internet forums, for public voting phase.

*Winner will be chosen by public voting phase, then the top voted selections are reviewed by an anonymous panel of judges to select the winner.

*Winner agrees to allow their submission to be used on t-shirts and merchandise for Fennboree 2019.

Below are examples of submissions from a few years back, including the winning design, submitted by Illinois Ghost.  But, don’t worry folks, Rick can’t win the contest this year, since he is running it.  You can use these as your inspiration for creating this year’s design.





Prem design

Ramona Mannaa