Shirts – TOTC Tees by Sacha

Hi Everyone-

I have been working on a side project. I have made t-shirts, with the TTOTC Map on them (I seriously made them myself). They are Gildan shirts and made of 100% cotton. I have put up a website so that I can share these shirts with all of you. I will be making other treasure hunting related shirts, and adding them to the site in the weeks to come. I also plan on making hooded sweatshirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and lots of other stuff! I also plan to make this as a children’s shirt as well, for all your future hunters.



My website is and you might recognize the models for the shirts. The ladies shirt is being modeled by Cynthia, a well-known fixture in the TTOTC community. She is at many local events, and is easily recognized by her green sunglasses. The male shirt is modeled by her very good friend and hunting partner, Thomas D. Did you know they have been friends for more years than I have been alive? They were both kind enough to model my shirt, and in turn be paid in a free shirt.

Please forgive me for the poor quality of photos. I will make no claims to have anything resembling good photography skills.

I have lots of shirts in stock, and more on the way. I also have the shirts on sale, for this weekend only. Don’t worry if it says that I am out of stock. You can still place your order to get the sale price, and I will have more stock in early next week. If you don’t see a size you need, I can always get it for you.