Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty One Point Five…





From your Distinguished Judges
Tesuque esq. and Forrest Fire

After studying the 84 animals in Dal’s pet contest, Tesuque and Forrest are exhausted.

All photos were reviewed under intense magnification and each animal was graded on a point system, 1 to 100.  Most fell in the 96 to 99 range, and some ranked as low as 94.

Unfortunately, one scored only 2 points. The judges decided not to reveal which pet that was because they didn’t want to embarrass 23kachinas.

The Exalted Winner was Tesuque who scored a perfect 100 points. She received a banana as the grand prize. She loves bananas.

Tesuque asked me to express her heart-felt congratulations to all of the contestants, and in her humble and unselfish way, wish them a warm bed, a caring owner, and all the bananas they want.


Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty One…



Tesuque is Best

What’s fun about pets is that you get to grow up with them. Tesuque is eight now. I was seventy-six when she was new, so it’s a stretch to say I grew up with her. Hopefully you know what I mean.


When she’s hungry her desire ripples over me and her expression says something like, “Feed me now or there’ll be a train wreck with no survivors.”


You wouldn’t think she was so commanding if you saw her wading in Del Charro Creek, now would you?

She has lost eleven teeth, but she still gulps her food okay. Catfish and corn bread are her favorites.


If you think you have a pet as cute as Tesuque, just post a link here and let’s see a photo. I’ll be the judge and you know I’m 100% impartial. Don’t you know that? f







Scrapbook Ninety Nine Point Five…



I have rules:

No one comes in my bathroom and that’s final. Except to get dirty clothes from my hamper when I’m not there. But they’d better not mess with any of my other stuff.


I don’t like clutter so everything on my counter is necessary. Kleenex, tooth brushes, clock, and sink are on the left. Lotion in the middle. A wooden box for pennies, and my TV on the right. Everything else is hidden in drawers or cabinets. That’s me in the three mirrors. I cannot imagine why there are three mirrors.


My wife designed my shower except I didn’t want it enclosed with glass. She said I’d have to squeegee it after each shower and I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I’m careful not to splash.

And she put the huge skylight above my sprinkler. It’s just right there, and let’s light from the entire world in on me while I’m standing naked. Next time I’ll design my own shower. That’s shampoo and conditioner on the banco, and my towel drying on the warmer. I don’t know why the wall is pink in this photo. Please don’t tell anyone the walls in my bathroom are pink. They’re white.


This door goes to my closet where my jeans and shirts are stored. The flowers never bloom but who cares?


This door leads to our bedroom. When it’s locked I can exhale and loosen my belt two notches. It’s where the ever vigilant Tesuque and I can hide from the grandkids and the rest of the world.


Our 17th century Spanish traveling desk stands against the south wall. It has children’s faces carved up and down both sides.




The sculptures on top are an antique Kongo nail fetish and an old pottery children’s game bowl from Mexico. And in-between is my faithful bamboo back scratcher that has served me so well for about sixty-years. If you look close you can see it. In the mirror that’s me again, also early Spanish. The mirror I mean, not me.

How fortunate we are to have the luxury of warm water and electricity, an extravagance that 80% of the world population doesn’t have. That fact is not lost on me.


Scrapbook Ninety Eight…



Closet stories

I’ve decided to simplify my life. Things are just too wild out on the streets so I don’t go there anymore. I’ve also stopped watching the news. And I had to give up reading Dal’s blog because it cut into my nap time. And the Lawrence Welk show is on my agenda again.

With my little dog Tesuque on constant alert for terrorists I have time to sit in my recliner and write poetry. He’s the only thing I have now that eats, except my wife, and she doesn’t eat much.


It didn’t take much for me to move a few things from my closet to the basement, like my suit, my tie, and my pair of good shoes. I don’t plan to attend any more weddings or funerals, and that space is needed for jeans, shirts, fur slippers, and Nikes.


My closet is attached to my bathroom so when I lock the outer door I’m a king 

I wear my shirts from left to right and change every five days in the winter - four days in the summer

I wear my shirts from left to right and change every five days in the winter – four days in the summer

Most of my hats are gone now too, because I’m into my “retired rancher” persona these days. That’s why I always keep my brown Stetson in the Jeep. It cost me 10 bucks extra to have horse manure put on the crown but it’s worth it. How else would anyone know I’m originally from Texas?

Now days I supervise a lot. That probably was my calling all along.

I enjoy excavating at San Lazaro Pueblo

I enjoy excavating at San Lazaro Pueblo

And I’ve turned into a bird watcher. My favorite is the Whippoorwill because it reminds me of the song “My Blue Heaven,” which I like to hum.

Friends don’t come around much anymore but once in a while someone will wander in. They always want to talk about the treasure and when they ask where it’s hidden I say “Why do you want to know?” That really stumps them and I’ve trained my grandkids to come running in about that time. Ha, I may be getting old but my shadow still ain’t cast by no fool.