More Unwelcome in Yellowstone….


MAY 2014

The Today Show on NBC will be up at Yellowstone on (it’s been postponed twice now. It may never air) presumably to get remarks from  Ranger Reid concerning the problems searchers are causing in his park. They will not be speaking with Forrest but my guess is that they will use some interview from last year they filmed with Forrest.


You might remember that in the last interview Reid said searchers are a problem and searching in the park is illegal. He is sure to cite the recent cases where searchers have been arrested for digging, camping, boating and having a metal detector in Yellowstone. He might also cite the searchers who have needed help to get out of a jam.

I doubt that he will welcome searchers, even those who act lawfully in our parks, monuments and other federal lands.

It’s really quite simple isn’t it..

Forrest has never said the chest is in Yellowstone or any other park. He has not even narrowed it down to government or non-government land. In fact, he has not restricted it’s location down much at all beyond the four states we are all looking in. But I will wager that after the Today Show story Yellowstone National Park will be overrun with searchers new to the chase who just heard about the treasure from Reid’s own mouth. Kind of Ironic isn’t it?

Anyway…be safe and be legal..this Yellowstone nonsense is not going to go away and I suspect the movement to ban searchers will spread to other government lands..