Scrapbook One Hundred Fifteen…



Proper Dental Care



It’s not as important as it used to be. Having so many toothbrushes, I mean. That’s because I don’t have all the teeth that once decorated my mouth. When I smile, or even laugh, my mouth stays closed, unlike some people who show all of their uppers and lowers when they grin. I think they have an advantage over me because they appear friendlier.


I had a friend in high school whose laugh made her look like a snarling Pomeranian. It bothered me just a little and that’s why I always talked to her on the phone rather than in person. Her name was Sonja Jane Pulver and you could sure pick that girl out of a line-up.

I brush my teeth four times a day, but more often if I snack between meals, which is all the time. Taking turns with the brushes is a major problem because I forget which one I used last. After cleaning my teeth I dry the brush with my face towel and try to place it in my frog jar so as to keep it in chronological order with the others. That wasn’t stated just right, but hopefully you’ll know what I mean.

Once a year I gather all of my toothbrushes and clean them in our dish washer. That’s always when I’m home alone, of course. Then I can start the rotation over again. I think it’s important to have a system. f