Victor’s Honeycomb Pattern…

SUBMITTED january 2015


Here’s my printout of Fenn’s poem as discussed earlier.
A honeycomb pattern expressing 6 characters per cell is obtained.
The idea leading to this attempt to find more information, arouse from the search for a 3D visualization.


Click on image to open larger version

Though it remains 2D, the honeycomb conveys a three-dimmensional structure.
What we obtain from it is 112 possible 6-bit entries OR 112 ‘wheels’ containing 6 characters each.
If spun upon their axis, a gear-like structure can be visualized.
A world of alternatives to read into the poem.

Note: The arrangement of the repeating numerical sequence 1-7 seen in the center of each ‘wheel’ follows a pattern used in a specific hebrew study.
Not relevant for most. The numbers can be disregarded.