VOA Unedited Interview…



by DAL


In September I visited with Forrest while a Voice of America film crew recorded an interview about the treasure hunt with him. I asked the crew and Forrest if I could audio record the interview and post it on the blog. The crew and Forrest agreed.

My interest was in recording the entire interview because we rarely…if ever… get a chance to hear parts of these interviews that are not used in the final stories. Reporters often have different priorities when they edit the story than those of us searching for the chest might have.


Forrest with Penelope the reporter


Mike the cameraman


Forrest by his army ammunition wagon on the Santa Fe Trail which goes through his yard

So here is a complete interview…beginning with the first question by Penelope, the VOA reporter and ending some 28 minutes later with Forrest reading his poem. I did cut out a minute or so of silence near the very end…just before the poem is read because it took us awhile to locate a copy of the poem for Forrest to read…other than that minor edit…this is a continuous recording and includes many things said by Forrest that did not make it into the short finished stories that appeared on the VOA website.

The voices you hear on this recording include:
Penelope, VOA Reporter
Mike, VOA Cameraman

Just a technical note…
I broke the interview into 4 parts to make the file sizes 2mb or less so that my WordPress server would accommodate them. There is no missing information at the breaks. Where one stops is exactly where the next begins. Each segment is aprox 7 mins in length depending on a nearby convenient breaking point.

Part One


Part Two


Part Three


Part Four