Annual Report 2017…


This blog was started in August of 2011 and on the first day we had 47 unique viewers.
Yesterday (Jan 6, 2018) we had 8,700 unique viewers.

Blog Totals Since The Beginning
14,821,929 unique viewers
2,205 Subscribers

The highest number of unique visitors on a single day was 2/27/2013 at 63,932
Compared to December 31st, 2017 when we had 13,066 unique viewers

2017 Totals
In 2017 we had 3,881,612 views
That is about 90,000 more views than we had in 2016
On average that is 6.5 views per visitor

In 2017 we had 593,018 unique visitors leaving 50,522 comments
We also published 192 posts in 2017

Most new folks still find us through the major search engines..
About ten percent find us from an Android app
The rest come from clicking on links from other websites and blogs

The most common search terms folks use to find the blog are “Forrest Fenn”, “Thrill of the Chase” and “Synonyms and Antonyms Poem”.

The most common links folks click on to leave this blog are the video interviews with Forrest followed by Jenny’s blog followed by Forrest’s website.

The posts with the highest number of views are:
1. Home Page
2. Odds n Ends
3. Tarry Scant
4. Cheat Sheet
5. Forrest’s Scrapbooks
6. Has it Been Found?
7. Forrest Speaks

As I write this report at 2pm on January 7th we have had about 5,000 unique visitors so far today. The breakdown by country is as follows…this is so far today only..

USA    4,577
CANADA    216
UK    80
TURKEY    50
SWEDEN    14
INDIA    14

If we look at the entire year we see Germany and Mexico replacing some on the list of top nine countries where folks hail from on this blog.

Thanks to all of you
from Goofy and dal-


Annual Report 2016…

As of January 3rd we had 10,895,386 total views on the blog. We have 185,652 total comments.

In 2016 we had 3,795,869 views…another land speed record!!!

So far, just on one day this year, January 3rd we had 7,257 views. For reference, our best day ever registered 63,932 views. That was Wednesday February 27, 2013. Goofy had the helm and alarms were screaming all around us on the bridge. I was certain we were headed into a black hole as vast as the Klingon Empire. I had seen Star Trek and I knew that you could not mix matter and antimatter and things looked grim. Somehow, Goofy got us through that nightmare.

Our largest number of views for a single month in 2016 was January last year…January and February are typically not high viewership months for the blog…most searcher interest is hibernating during the winter. It stubbornly awakens in March and generally peaks in July and August…as you might expect. So having 451,835 views in January of 2016 was quite the anomaly.

February, March and April of 2016 all saw a significantly higher number of views than those months in the preceding year. In May and June of 2016 our viewership went below those months in 2015. July, August and September were all higher than 2015. October, November and December were all lower again. At the end of 2016 we had about a quarter of a million more views in 2016 than we had in 2015. So, we grew again..YIPPEE!!!

Where do these people viewing the blog come from, you ask…
Today, 1500 came from search engines. sent over 54. Another 54 came from an Android app. Twenty-one came from Forrest’s website. Others came from Jenny’s site and from Facebook.
The rest of you must have bookmarks in your browser or good old Aunt Mildred texted you a link.

The most popular day on the blog is Wednesday. The most popular hour is 7pm.

On January 2nd it had been 2 days since Chasing Words was posted and there were over a thousand views on it.

The most popular posts, other than the home page are about what you would expect…
The Cheat Sheet, Nine Clues, Tips From Forrest and the Poetry Page…

The videos on the blog are quite popular attractions. The Too Far To Walk video is the most popular with over 17,600 plays. The new videos from 2016 are doing well too. Forrest’s summer of logging video already has nearly 2,500 plays and his yellowstone video has been watched more than 2,200 times.

Who yapped the most in 2016?
Jake comes in number one and Zap is second.

What country do most of the viewers live in?
USA is number one, Canada is two, England is three and Germany is four…
Oh…and one character on the blog comes from New Zealand and apparently lives in a shire in some kind of small domicile with a thatched roof…seems curious…

Does the blog have future plans?
Someone once said something to the effect that planning is the antithesis of adventure…or something like that…JCM will find the right quote…
So…no plans…it’s all fun and that’s all that counts…

Thanks to all of you from the hundreds of minions who are gainfully employed with minion living wages keeping this blog well oiled and greased…and of course from Goofy and dal-


Annual Report…


WordPress sent a review of 2015 for the blog. I was entertained by some of the statistics so I thought you might be too..

To start off they say we had about 3,500,000 views this past year…
That blew me away…

To shed some light on that number, the Seattle Space Needle gets almost a million visitors a year. It would take the Space Needle nearly four years to accumulate the visitors we had in 2015. Yellowstone National Park had nearly as many visitors as we did last year…

Our visitors came from 211 countries. The USA, Canada and the UK were the top three countries where visitors originated. On the other side of the spectrum we had 25 visitors from Papua New Guinea, 10 from Belarus and 2 from Iran. I hope the 2 from Iran did not end up in jail for being interested in the chase.

Our biggest single day last year was on April 29th with 36,528 views. Not our biggest day ever though. The best day we ever had was 63,932 views…I think that was back in 2012.

As I write this on New Years Eve I can see that yesterday, December 30th, 2015 we had 10,086 views. That’s been about average for the past week. Last year at this time of the year we had around 7,000 views per day. So I guess the blog is growing. This is typically a slow time of year for the blog. Spring and summer are our most active seasons.

We have almost 1,500 subscribers to the blog and an additional 536 who want to be notified of comments on particular posts.

Many of the folks who visit us get here by search engines. The number one search term that folks use to find us is, of course, Forrest Fenn. But other, perhaps less widely used terms include:

finns treasure
fens treasure
andrew briggs
and my fav- thrill me
I bet those folks are disappointed…

We tend to be a yappy go lucky group. Our top commenters were:
Amy Sweitzer = 1,451 comments
JDiggins = 1,235 comments
Spallies = 1,211 comments
Seeker = 1,123 comments

We decided to say thanks to Amy, JDiggins, Spallies and Seeker by sending them over to Sacha’s cool store to pick out any one item they want on us…
She’s got Thrill of the Chase mugs, hoodies, t-shirts…and even Goofy’s Wee Gee Board Mouse Pads…

Thanks to everyone for making this a useful, fun, comfortable and popular place to learn about Forrest’s Thrill of the Chase. Best of luck to every one of you in the new year..

Goofy & dal