The Magic Forrest Treasure….


August 2014
from Wendy


Wendy Thunderbird edited 2The song, The Magic Forrest Treasure, was largely inspired by Forrest Fenn’s poem about his hidden treasure trove.  The song, like the poem, is on one hand simple,  but on the other extremely complex.   The song, a melding of the key words in Forrest’s poem and my lyrics and music encourages us to find not only a treasure of gold, but to quest for the truth.

Magic Forrest Treasure was created to accompany a children’s adventure book, that Forrest and I started working on in 2013.  When the book is completed, the song as well as special clues within the book will guide young readers to a magic treasure all their own.

“Originally, I recorded this melody with only my lyrics.  I was satisfied with it until something remarkable happened…  new lyrics started coming to me and eventually the song became a melding of keywords from Forrest’s poem and my original lyrics and score.  Like all of my musical compositions it was intuitive.  I was not sure how Forrest would receive it, but knew that it was something I had to share with him, and he loved it!”  Wendy Bradshaw

As you will hear in this theme song, the book is about the excitement and adventure of treasure hunting and why it is such an exhilarating and defining moment for those that seek the treasures of their own hearts.  It is also a fusing of American Indian voices and music blended with a mysterious and imperative call to seek and find the treasure that is yours to find, and more….  The song also contains a warning to those who let greed or self- interest blind them to their higher purpose.

Magic Forrest Treasure video and all of Wendy’s music

Magic Forrest Treasure music video only