Loving it…to Death!

MARCH 2016



We love the outdoors right? So here’s the problem. We’re screwing it up. There is a lot of evidence to prove this, and many articles have come out recently that reveal just how we are loving the outdoors to death.

Please read one or all of the following articles and then come back here and lets see if we can figure this out…

Outside Magazine – New Golden Rule

Rick & Joann’s Travels

Huff Post – Loving Paks

There are plenty more stories out there that sound a lot like these these…wild lands of all types, including parks, are more popular than ever and we appear to be destroying what we set out to maintain for future generations.

But here’s my question, What can we do about it?

Simple answer is to stay away. But that’s not going to work. We pay big money to maintain the wild lands and we want to use them. Another answer is to admit that the population of earth is simply too large and we need to stop making babies and get things back in check before we eat ourselves out of house and home, literally. I don’t know if that can work or not. I suspect it can’t in a free world where we all make individual decisions based on our own interests.

So if those two won’t work, are there other ideas. I really liked the idea that the parks should stop wasting money on marketing. That seems logical. Spend the marketing budget on education. But maybe education won’t work either.

So anybody out there have ideas about how to save the parks and other wild lands of this country…and still use them?

Recreation vs Conservation vs Preservation

This is the place for that discussion…





Be Careful Out There……

MARCH 2015

Wildlife don’t always understand us humoresque type folks out and about on their land and unlike citizens they can’t legally buy land or post “no trespassing” signs. So we often don’t know that we’re bugging them…

In my opinion this is how Forrest has trained the woodland animals to keep us away from his chest..and if you think this is intimidating you should see what the porcupines do!!!

Click on the pic below to watch “Elk vs Photographer”.