Wisconsin Mike’s Survey


By Wisconsin Mike

First off, let me begin by thanking everyone involved with Fennboree for making this a memorable event. It was a true joy and lifetime event for me and my daughter, who was absolutely thrilled to meet and speak with Forrest.

Forrest and Christine

Nuclear Accelerator

Although we searchers participate in Blogs – Dal’s or Jenny’s or others, to share and gather useful information, human nature to socialize oft leaks in and we find the discussion trailing off the path to enlightenment, so to speak. It occurred to me that this event presented a unique opportunity for us searchers to coordinate our information and further the pursuit of Indulgence by means of a tightly focused survey. Forrest has said “I cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the starting point…” To wit, my focus; What are the first two clues in the poem? What follows are the results of that survey. I do hope it will help searchers and represents my ‘giving back to the community’.

Tangential Conversations - Particle Collision

The participants in Fennboree represent the greatest concentration of
dedicated searchers available.

Fennboree presents a unique opportunity to gather statistically
significant, qualified data on deciphering the poem and locating Fenn’s Treasure –“Indulgence”.

Forrest sitting on wall Fennboree III

Twenty-Six “Fenn-atics” were interviewed:

BoomerGirl Sacha Timberwolf the First
MS Elaine WiseOne Amy Bill
ccJulie The Chase  (documentary Team from TN)
Slurs JDiggins Desertphile IronWill
Dal Wildcat DaiseyMae GoldenRetrievers
Cynthia Robert Steve MarvinCandle
Renee Julie SmartBlonde FrankA

Of the twenty-six, ALL agreed with the following facts:

  1. There are nine clues in the poem and lead to Fenn’s Treasure
  2. The clues are in consecutive order, to be followed precisely.
  3. The first two clues, consecutively, have been solved.

Each was then asked the question:
Where do you believe are the first two clues in the Poem?
Here are the results:

Survey Graph

—————————————–Clue #1———–Clue #2

As I have gone alone in there——- 54%-

And with my treasures bold,

I can keep my secret where,

And hint of riches new and old.——-3% —————-3%

{Entire first stanza} ——-=————-12%

Begin it where warm waters halt——31%—————55%

And take it in the canyon down,—————————-12%

Not far, but too far to walk.————————————3%

Put in below the home of Brown.—————————-27%

Note that it IS significant that ALL participants responded that the first
two clues were located within the first two stanzas.

Take Away: Dedicated Searchers believe…
1.  Strongly that “As I have gone alone in there” is clue #1.
2. Strongly that “Begin it where warm waters halt” is either clue #1 or clue #2.
3. A significant portion of respondents believe “Put in below the home of Brown” is also a clue. (#3?)

Using the results of the survey may help you to be “in tight focus”.

~ Wisconsin Mike