I Don’t See It…

Below you will see two photos submitted by an anonymous searcher. I thought we could have a discussion about the photo with the blue circle.

This searcher has never commented on this blog as far as my razor sharp memory can recall. Let’s call him “Z”…
So Z sent these two photos to me and insists that in that pile of rock and inside the blue circle, is the chest. Z has indicated some key points on the pic of the chest with what he believes are the same points in the rock pile.

Oh..and another thing. Z says the latch is wrapped in plastic but he can make out the frog and some of the relief work from the side and edges of the chest. I see nothing but rock and more rock.

rotated for the blind 1


The reason the photo is small is because it is a very small area from a much larger photo. Z was just taking pictures of the area when he was at this spot searching. He did not notice the “chest” until he was home and was looking carefully at the photos.

This area is probably covered in snow by now which gives Z a certain amount of anguish.

His question to us is…can we see what he sees???

I cannot…
How about you??


Z has offered us another pic. I don’t know anything about it except that he told me it is from the same general area as the smaller pic. I don’t know if the smaller pic came from this pic or not. If you click on it you can look at it larger.