Hello Hunters!

My name is Zack Preschel and I work for a TV company in Los Angeles.  I have become infatuated with the spirit of the hunt after pouring through the countless web-based forums and discussion threads of people from far and wide participating in America’s great treasure hunt.  Dal and I talked to find out more about Fenn, The Chase and the Chasers and I was really happy with how incredibly nice, knowledgeable and optimistic he was and I wanted to search further for stories that are just as captivating as Forrest’s and Dal’s are.

I have NO INTENTIONS of looking for Forrest’s treasure myself so don’t think I’m here looking for intellectual property to poach.  Our goal is NOT to uncover the treasure ourselves, but to tell the story of a very interesting man and how his encrypted poem has inspired thousands to connect with nature and their fellow hunters – who do you search with? What methods do you use to search?  What intangibles (or tangibles) have you gained in your journey?

Contact me here and lets find a way to get your story (but not your secrets!) on TV :

Thanks and Good Luck!
Zack Preschel