Zvia’s Golden Research…

The following solution is from Zvia. She is in Israel. English is not her primary language but she does a great job with it and I am sure writing this was a great deal of effort for her. She wants to share her solution on the blog, perhaps someone will check it out for her and let her know how it works out.

For all who think the treasure is in Yellowstone

I have made many researchings of several places connecting to the FF poem . one of them was Yellowstone.

When first thought about it “YELLOW STONE” reminded me of Dorothy from the story of The wizard of Oz . she went along the yellow stones path searching for the wizard to hopefully return home . But as a Tarrot expert it also remineded me of one Arcanna card called “THE HERMIT” .


Its a picture of a monk holding a lighted lantern representing or symbolizing wisdom . king Solomon said “Happy is the man that fineth wisdom and that getteth understanding……….(prov. 3-13:15 ) ( if you have been wise and found the blaze…….?). in New testement it is associated to the great initiate of the “widow’s son of Nain” known as LAZARUS who latter institued the work of the rose cross .( i recommand you to read about all that is said here for more information ) .It is also connected to “old man of the mysteries” that represent the wanderer through the world, the virgin spirit on its pilgrimage through matters with its manifold illusions. it is also connected to prophet Elijah and John the baptist and by Kabballa he is the reincarnation of Mose . More important , Tibbet budhists monks that are called wise by Tibetians use to climeb high on the mountain on a path that is called “The yellow stones path” , they put stones one on each other to make a dolmen or a momument and through meditation they predict the future . ( If you are wise and found the blaze ?)It is the cult of the BO or HOB or HOBO ( Home of Brown ? capital B at Brown )

So i searched for the “warm waters” and found MAMMOTH springs and even found the home of brown being the LAMORE RANGER STATION , there is a canyon bellow and even ROSE river and canyon . It kept me muving on and on around the tail ( even read “THE MORNING STAR BY J.R.JONES because i thought it might be related to a sulfuric yellow stone ) and i have reach a place that combine all this description .


The place is called ” WELDED HUCKLEBERRY TUFF AT GOLDEN GATE YELLOWSTONE ( i GIVE YOU TITLE TO THE GOLD ) few kilometers from Mammoth hot spring . see picture . If you go there “look quickly down , it might be under the ciment road (it looks like a cave but its not , its just the gap between the road and the ground ) I wishing you good luck . (Ff Yellowstone in 2009 in Cody ,and it is near )

צביה בן עמי