Sacha’s T-Shirt Contest

Design this year’s Official Fennboree Shirt!
Fennboree is not til June, but that’s no reason not to be having fun planning for it!!!,
This year, we are going to have an official Fennboree shirt – and you can design it!


So here’s what we are asking you to do:
Design something Fennboreeish to go on the back of the official Fennboree white t-shirt. Something nicer than that blue oval with words in it that you see above. Your design could be bigger or smaller than that blue oval. That oval is just there for reference. Your design can be colorful or plain. Your design will be for the back of the shirt only. The front of the shirt will have two text lines. The top line will be the name of the person who purchases the shirt… and the second line will read “FENNBOREE ’16”. You will not design the elements on the front of the shirt.

Here are the rules:

  • Your design must be no larger than the size of a sheet of paper – 8.5” x 11”.  However, it can be either in portrait or landscape mode.
  • You may draw, color, or use digital media to make your creation.
  • If you use digital media send your entry in it’s digital form to dal via the email below.
  • If you created your entry using non-digital media, take a good clear photo of it and submit the digital photo to dal at the email below.
  • Your design must somehow relate to the Fenn treasure hunt.  It can be a simple quote, or an actual picture you have taken on a treasure hunt, or you can design something completely original.  You can use multiple colors, or make it all one color.
  • Your design must be family friendly.  This design will be going on shirts for adults and children.
  • You can submit your design to dal at lummifilm dot com no later than February 10th, 2016.  One entry per person.  Kids – be sure to include your age!. Designs will be posted at a link on the bottom of this page.
  • By submitting your design to this contest you agree that if your design is the First Place Winner you will allow it to be reproduced freely on the Fennboree t-shirt and you agree that you will not be compensated for your design except as noted below for first, second and third place winners.

Everyone is welcome to vote for their favorite design from the entries that will be placed on the Entry Page. In order to have your vote counted you must comment on the Entry Page. Only folks who have commented on the Entry Page prior to February 11th and voted will have their vote counted.
Voting will take place only on February 11th and 12th.
One person, one vote. Please vote only once.
In order to vote send your choice to:
dal at lummifilm dot com on either February 11th or 12th. Voting will close at midnight Santa Fe time on February 12th.
Your voting email should have the subject line: VOTE
The body of your voting email must contain your screen name and the number of the entry as listed on the Entry Page.

First Prize: The designer that receives the most votes will have his or her design reproduced by Sacha onto t-shirts for Fennboree  2016 and will also receive a free shirt with the winning design, as well as a TFTW Map Mousepad and Coffee Cup.
Second and Third Prize: The persons with the second and third place votes will receive a shirt with the winning design, and a TFTW  Coffee Cup.


29 thoughts on “Sacha’s T-Shirt Contest

  1. I’m a little bit challenged in creativity but we’ll see what I can do. I have a feeling if Jeremy P. enters this contest, I’m done for. Love your work Jeremy P. Thanks for the contest Sacha and Dal.

  2. I’m registering to vote.

    Any contestants that want to bribe, I mean support their entry please email me. 🙂

  3. Is a non-comment a comment for voting purposes? If so, here is my comment even though it isn’t really commenting on anything. End of comment.

  4. I entered early thinking not to many entries so what the heck give it a shot, and I do like t-shirts. Well now seeing all the entries I don’t even want to vote for myself because there are a lot of good ones. Hey Sacha, the calendar idea seems like a good idea, maybe I can make that-maybe. (can I wear a calendar?) LOL Anyway you guys and girls have done a great job, it will be hard to choose. Bur

  5. Entries are now closed for the T-Shirt Contest. If you commented prior to this moment on any of the contest pages you qualify to vote for your fav design. To vote send me an email with the subject line “VOTE” and in the body of the email write the ENTRY # of the design you like most and please remember to add your own screen name..

    One vote per person please…


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