More T-Shirt Contest Entries

ENTRY #34 by CindyM
2016-02-09 20.31.11_resized


ENTRY #35 by BW


ENTRY #36 by Alopes
dont know


ENTRY #37 by Ritt
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.55.19 AM


ENTRY #38 by Chase Fan


ENTRY #39 by Joseph


ENTRY #40 by samsmith


ENTRY #41 by Indy



15 thoughts on “More T-Shirt Contest Entries

      • Throwing a bunch of rowdy treasure seekers with Hyde Memorial State Park sounds like it will be a blast. I would love to be there!

        Glad you like my drawing Focused, I drew it freehand using only a bowl to trace around and a pill holder for a straight edge so it could use a bit of straightening. The sun symbol represents New Mexico.

        Good luck to eveyone,,, I feel blessed to be here with so many talented people.

  1. BW….nice impressionism.
    Really, these are all interesting and crafty.
    Nice colors and creative.

  2. Sacha’s T-shirt contest entries will be closed at midnight tonight.
    Two things you will want to do if you want to play with us in the contest..
    1. Submit a design
    2. Register to vote

    Okay…you don’t have to submit an entry if you don’t want too..
    But if you want to vote for your favorite design you have to register…
    Voting will take place on Thursday and Friday.
    Only votes from registered folks will be counted..
    To register, simply leave a comment on this page…
    or any of the Entry Pages for this contest…
    Before midnight tonight..Santa Fe time…
    Then you can spend Thursday and Friday contemplating which design you’d like to wear on your back at Fennboree

    Voting will take place only on February 11th and 12th.
    One person, one vote. Please vote only once.
    In order to vote send your choice to:
    dal at lummifilm dot com on either Thursday or Friday.
    Voting will close at midnight Santa Fe time on February 12th.
    Your voting email should have the subject line: VOTE
    The body of your voting email must contain your screen name and the number of the entry as listed on the Entry Page.

    We will announce the winner over the weekend…

  3. To view all the T-shirt Design entries…go to the top of the page…
    Under Goofy’s beautiful header photo..
    There is a series of tabs..
    The tab on the far right reads ” Sacha’s T-Shirt Contest”
    When you hover over it you will see the contest page with all the rules and a series of entry pages with all the entries..

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