More T-Shirt Contest Entries

ENTRY #22 by Somewhere
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.55.47 PM


ENTRY #23 by Treader


ENTRY #25 by Neeraja from India


ENTRY #26 by Stephanie


ENTRY #27 by Daremeornot
Key Word


ENTRY #28 by Prem


ENTRY #29 by Ramona


ENTRY #30 by Tonto


ENTRY #31 by Rocky


ENTRY #32 by JDiggins


ENTRY #33 by Luckydog



15 thoughts on “More T-Shirt Contest Entries

  1. Dal and Sacha – this is a great contest! I think making a calendar is a great idea from those entries that don’t win the T-shirt contest.

    • SWWOT, Love “Leo Knows” I was just thinking that Sacha may need to get permission to use Leo’s image before printing a bunch of T’s.

      • As I have posted on Dal’s blog in other places – I’m no lawyer. However, I took the image from “public domain” from a site that had no disclaimers concerning the content on the site at the time. Linda may rethink that decision and may want to recant the use of the photo, but what’s done is done. If she did put up a fuss, I’d consider withdrawing my submission, but I don’t think there is anything anyone can do about it at this point legally. But like I said at the beginning, I’m not a lawyer.

        Hope this helps,

  2. I never expected so many awesome entries! I might have to seriously consider this calendar idea. I can’t wait to see who wins!

  3. . In order to have your vote counted you must comment on the Entry Page. Only folks who have commented on the Entry Page prior to February 11th and voted will have their vote counted.
    Voting will take place only on February 11th and 12th.

  4. Jdiggins,,, Focused, you, and I should search together. Or maybe we’d bump into each other 🙂 You used my other great idea!

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