T-Shirt Contest Entries


This is the T-Shirt Design Contest Entry Page

Submit your design to dal at lummifilm dot com no later than February 10th, 2016.

See all rules and notes on the Contest Page before submitting an entry.

ENTRY #1 by Victoria Age 7
Handwritten Example


ENTRY #2 by Hunter


ENTRY #3 by Virginia
2016-01-12 18.29.01


ENTRY #4 by Bur


ENTRY #5 by Focused


ENTRY #6 by MartinS


ENTRY #7 by Jamie


ENTRY #8 by Sean


Entry #9 by PDenver


Entry #10 by Lisa’s grandson Michael, Age 10


Entry #11 by 23Kachinas
Dont mess with my poem Wordle


36 thoughts on “T-Shirt Contest Entries

    • For some reason I want to say “The Chase is like a box of chocolates…”

      I agree, great start to another contest.

    • Thank’s Dal ,Michael just got home from school. Very excited to see his “Art ” online. Lisa

  1. Hey Dal the above design from Steve- it should be “Bur” not Steve. LOL but you can call me Steve if you want. Sacha that design is just a rough draft because I’m no artist or designer by any means. If by any chance you care to use it you can change anything, fonts add background, or color it’s ok with me. It was just a idea the came to me at work this morning. Well good luck to all you chasers and ” yes I am one of the TTOTC chasers” since Feb 2011. Bur

      • I understand Dal, just seeing all you try to remember when ask questions is a job in itself. I can remember but when and where it’s posted has me fickled at times. Keep on keeping on. Bur

    • Hey Sacha…I just sent my entry to Dal, it’s a simple concept but hey my brain is tired….lol. ….gotta go …see ya 🙂

  2. Wow! This is going to be difficult they are all great! I am glad I don’t have to choose! Jamie lol 🙂

  3. Man…after seeing entry 10 I feel like the winner should just be declared as such right now. Oh, and #10 if you are not the winner I will gladly personally produce and sell this masterpiece for you. Classic! It’s totally perfect on too many levels. Total masterpiece. Cheers!

    • Thanks on Michael’s behalf Jamie.
      Just saw your post,I have only been looking at the post’s about Randy,sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Lisa

  4. Fenntastic entries. Love an artist with a sence of humor!

    Thinking like Fenn – a marketing genius… If at least 31 entries are submitted you could incorporate all designs into a small flip calendar with fennian quotes.

    • Thank you for the wonderful complement, Kat. I greatly appreciate it. I took this photo in August 2014. It’s such a place of beauty and wonder.

  5. Am not an artist – can anyone help?

    I want the TC in center, top arc over chest = THIS IS
    Bottom arc below chest = THE YEAR


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