3rd Place
#25 Neeraga from India

2nd Place
#2 Hunter

1st Place
#17 Jeremy


Honorable Mentions go to:

#1 Victoria

#10 Michael

#21 Kaden

#28 Prem


Thanks everyone for your cool designs…

Maybe we can get all the entries hung in Collected Works Bookstore in June!!!!






40 thoughts on “WINNERS

  1. Great effort winners! Jeremy, I really love your design, especially the griz. The whole pic really captures the mystique of Forrest Fenns chase. Neerega, the colors in your entry are really lovely and the design is very special and unique. Hunter, congratulations on your win too–nice colors and a simple but geometrically pleasing design.

  2. Thanks everyone! You all are the best. I’m glad you all liked the t-shirt design, and I sincerely hope that it inspires many adventures for you.

    Also, congratulations to the runner ups, and especially the kids. You all did a great job. I would proudly wear any of those t-shirts 🙂

  3. These contests are all so much fun. Gets everyone’s creative juices runnung. Jeremy great job and congrats to all the runners-up.

  4. Hey guys!

    Congrats to the winners. I already started on the shirt. I should have it up on the website tomorrow at the latest. I will post a link once I do.

    I am still looking into the calendar idea. If you entered the contest, I may be adding your image to it, even if you didn’t win.

    There were so many awesome ideas. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these turn into shirts.

    • I’ll take a calendar, too! Great idea! Could you put Jeremy ‘s design on back of a hoodie and coffee cup? I’ll get one of each, 2 tshirts an a tshirt in 5T for my grandson!
      How about a bumper sticker?!

  5. I will have children’s shirts up shortly, but for those of you who can’t wait…

    Here is the official Fennboree shirt. If you are local or near the ABQ area, be sure to save yourself some money by choosing Local Pickup from the shipping options. I will work with you to get you the items locally. Also, choose this option if you plan to attend Fennboree, and will just pick your shirt up when you arrive.

    Thanks to Jeremy P. for his awesome design. His shirt has already been made, and waits for me to ship it to him. I have one with my name on it, already.

    Thanks to everyone who submitted a design! There were so many awesome ones, I AM looking into getting a calendar made. But, that takes a few weeks, so be patient.

  6. Sacha, any chance for an infant option? My wife and I learned we were expecting at the end of a long search day in Montana last year and our little one arrived just last week. Seems like she needs a shirt!

  7. Very cool. Amazing winning design, Jeremy. Congrats to the winners and to all who entered. They are fun to see. I hope to attend Fennboree this year…even if I have to skip out at night for a motel with a bed and a hot shower. (Did I type that out loud?) 🙂

  8. This design is great for a t shirt but wonder if it might print a little small for onesy? Maybe the map one would print better this small?

  9. Kaden said thank you for the honorable mention and he wants a shirt in his size of the winning one of Jeremy ‘ s and his own. He loves the contests. Congratulations to all the winners! Great job friends!

  10. Great job on your design Jeremy. Congrats on first. Hunter and Neeraga, I liked yours also. It’s neat seeing all of the different ideas.

  11. Congratulations to the winners! Jeremy, I love how you incorporated so much of the chase into your design. You all did great & the creativity of the young chasers’ designs was impressive.

  12. Three Rocks, congratulations on your exciting news & welcome to your new baby girl! I always find your comments to be thoughtful & your generosity is evident…you’re going to be a great dad!

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