Hat Contest Winner is….

Contest Winner is


Followed closely by






Thanks to everyone for participating…






24 thoughts on “Hat Contest Winner is….

  1. Congrats Magpie – and congrats to the runner-ups – YEA for the creativity – JDA

  2. Congrats MidvaleMagpie, I knew your talented balancing act would be hard to beat.

  3. Congrats Midvale and great choice all!
    GO DOG GO!!
    (Now you can go TFTW too!!)
    Very nice work!

  4. Very creative everyone. Congrats to the winner and the honorable mentions. Cheers…

  5. I demand a recount!

    Wow… thank you. I…
    I loved seeing every single hat… so much humor and creativity.
    I am honestly so glad to be getting this new book. When the author saw my well-loved copy at Fennboree last year, he told me it was “the ugliest book he had ever seen”.

    I’ll try to be a little more gentle with this one.

  6. Congrats MidvaleMagpie!

    Strawshadow, I voted based on the hat (for MidvaleMagpie) but I also wanted to say that yours is a cool photo as a photo.

  7. Another swell contest rides into the sunset… Sure is hard to win something with so many talented people and cute pets and kids and fabulous faces but sure is fun to play and see what people come up with. Congrats to the Magpie, the runners up, and everyone else!

  8. Congrats to the winner and to everyone who participated … you are all winners.

    Safety First Always

  9. Great job everyone!
    Congrats to midvale Maggie!
    Thanks dal and forrest…fun fun fun!

  10. Congratulations Midvale Magpie. All the entries were creative and fun. Fun contest, thanks Dal.

  11. Every hat was so awesome!

    Special congrats to Magpie! I do love your hat!


  12. Wake up Maggie I think I’ve got somethin’ to say to you…..

  13. What is going on here? I have proof that this contest was part of the preplanned Chase plan. Magpie is referring to Magpie ______ in Wy and a Magpie Canyon by profile rock. I have the final puzzle form, finally, actually hinted at it years ago. Now whats up with Jonesys comment and Geydelkins????? Is there a layer I’m missing? I can’t believe I’m not the Hunter. Why did other poster say “my worst nightmare…” Does she also recognize this? I’d like some honesty on how much I helped y’all over the years. Fill like Deadwood sprawled about and I’m not even in the box anymore. Who is being strung along in this big hole? No story, just truth….Crazy crazy, I’m done pining my success. It’s over, really , witch eye do you think I was in? La walking in Nosey Joes elfin duck while running mans dry creek left this bird all alone, flying and fishing off Bridges while scantily clad Cupid’s shot their end of a rows in all directions. So so so so close. Down and ^ at same time.

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